, Jakarta - Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) soldiers who are members of the TNI Konga XXVIII-J / United Nations Interm Force in Lebanon (Unifil) Task Force Unit under the leadership of the Task Force Commander Marine Colonel Alan Dahlan, in charge of carrying out patrols to maintain security and peace in the territorial waters of Lebanon.

MTF TNI Konga XXVIII-J / Unifil recently held a Boardex exercise with the VBSS Lebanon Armed Force Navy Team (LAF Navy) at KRI Usman Harun-359 who was sailing in the Mediterranean Sea on Tuesday (6/2/2018).

In the scenario, KRI Usman Harun-359 was likened to a ship called MV Black Pearl complete with Son of Fruit Ships using civilian clothes as well as Captain. And this ship makes dangerous maneuvers.

The VBSS LAF Navy team got a report from the Coastal Radar Station (CRS) L2-Aamchit that the ship contact named MV Black Pearl to the port of Jounieh by not passing the corridor that had been determined by the Lebanese authorities and was not on the list of vessels going to Lebanon, provide dubious information.

In the presence of suspicious things, LAF Navy follow up and ask MV Black Pearl to stop the machine. The VBSS team immediately glides on with Heli Puma LAF Air Force.

Heli Puma approached the deck of the ship, then 10 personnel VBSS down with fastrope method and managed to land on the deck of the MV Black Pearl.

The VBSS LAF Navy team moves toward the bridge through the exocet deck. Arriving on the bridge, the VBSS LAF Navy team immediately secured the Captain and two crew of the ship and carry out inspection of documents as well as searching on the bridge.

As it turns out, the moment of raiding did not work. The VBSS team went down the main corridor. The VBSS team found two Boat Boys carrying sharp weapons in the main corridor, catching them, then taking them to the bridge.

The VBSS team continued its search and managed to find a box containing illegal ammunition. During the exercise within 1 hour, Team VBSS managed to secure one of the two illegal goods that are in the MV Black Pearl.

After the training, VBSS Team Commander LAF Navy Lieutenant Ellie El Sayah ordered all its members to gather at the pavilion to carry out debrief from the Assessment Team LCDR Arne Pfingst (CTG 448.03 N7-German) and Marine Lieutenant Damartama (Boarding Officer KRI USH).

After the debrief of the assessment team, VBSS, the assessment team and the escort team from LAF Navy enjoyed lunch with traditional Indonesian dishes prepared to remove the tension between the VBSS team and ABRI KRI Usman Harun previously in a battle scenario on board.

Before leaving KRI Usman Harun-359, all the parties involved took a photo with the TNI Konga XXVIII-J / Unifil TNF Task Force Commander on the helicopter deck.

Commander KRI Usman Harun-359 as well as Commander of MTF TNI Konga XXVIII-J / Unifil Marine Colonel (P) Alan Dahlan appreciated this activity, which is one of the main tasks of MTF Unifil that is increasing the ability of LAF Navy forces securing its territorial sea to prevent the entry of weapons and other items enter through illegal Lebanese waters.

Meanwhile, the head of the TNI Konga XIVIII-J / Unifil Marine Satellites (P) Ainul Muslimin also added that the exercise aims to improve CRS interoperability and reaction speed of VBSS LAF Navy, especially air force deployment by fastrope method from Heli Puma belongs to LAF Air force.