Jakarta - Indonesian racer Rio Haryanto expressed impatience to see the checkered flag when appearing on the second series of car race Formula One (F1) at the Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir, April 1 to 3, 2016.

"The race night first F1 I would be special. In general, I think the weekend here will run more smoothly because I had some great experience to be used in each area. Most importantly, I can not wait to see the checkered flag," said Rio Haryanto as submitted Cep Goldia, Media Relations Rio Haryanto in electronic mail received in Semarang, Central Java, on Thursday (31/3).

While appearing at Melbourne Rio Haryanto won unsatisfactory results. Rider Solo, Central Java, said, her debut was an amazing experience and it was the one thing that I have a long wait, so he tried not to think too much on retirement.

"I knew the team was disappointed with the problem which ended my race but this is all about looking ahead and there are so many other things that we would meet," said Rio.

He acknowledged the support of Indonesia really special. "Passion F1 in Indonesia is very big now and I feel very proud to fly the flag," said 23-year-old rider.

During the interval of this race, Rio Haryanto took time to return to Solo. "Everyone wants to hear the story about the race so I had to relive that experience again. That's my job to appreciate all the support by sharing every detail of the experience with fans, so there are a lot of meetings with the media as well as some other events, and there is little time for preparation to Bahrain, "he said.

Fellow team stau Rio Haryanto, the German rider, Pascal Wehrlein said, as a team, he learned a lot in Melbourne.

"We still have a long way in optimizing set-up to fight the tire degradation problems we experienced in the second half of the race. It is a good start, but there is much room for improvement in every area, including me," he said.

Manor Racing Race Director, Dave Ryan said the team left Melbourne to taste a little bit disappointed and it was obvious.

"We left Melbourne with a little disappointed, that's obvious. The riders have completed the task well and there is a lot of potential in the car but we need to work better, to make sure all goes well in the moments crucial. I'm sure every team can say the same thing as it's just the beginning but I hope we can make improvements in all areas by the end of this week, "said Dave.

Translated by : adhe