- Do not like sports in general, some types of extreme sports following in addition to challenging death and risk of injury can also lead to death very large for athletes engaged in it. Do andrenalin challenged to give it a try, here are four of the most extreme sport in the world.

- Base Jumping
This one sport to occupy the top position among the most dangerous sport in the world. It was reported that occurred one death for every 2,317 jumps. This sport is similar to skydiving just landing a much shorter time thereby increasing the risk of failure in developing the parachute during landing. BASE Jumping in sports, the athlete called jumpers hurl themselves from one BASE structures, such as buildings, bridges or antenna refers to the cliff. Before landing, the parachute must be stretched to perfection in order to secure landing. If the parachute does not expand properly or fails, then the risk is death.

- Street Luging
Activities involving extreme free glide technique of street luge board of straight road, glide with a speed of 70 miles / hour (115 km / h). This sport requires a board modifications (made from metal, wood, aluminum, or carbon fiber) racing suits of leather and leather gloves. Risks to be faced if the exercise is the risk of fractures when accelerate the speed to 115 km / h and crashed in the streets. ends, death haunts.

- Parkour
An art movement in which the activity aims to move from one place to another, efficiently and as quickly as possible, and using the principle of the ability of the human body. An injury that can be caused by this sport can be at risk of death if done inadvertently. Besides fractures, concussions and head of the leak are risks of injury that must be faced.

- Rock climbing
This one obviously demanding sport physically and mentally, one climber strength test, endurance, agility and balance along with mental control. It can be a dangerous sport if knowledge of climbing techniques and use of the climbing equipment inappropriately used.

Translated by : adhe