- In the middle of busy preparing for the Formula One (FI) Autodom circuit in Sochi, Russia, rider Fomula 1 from Indonesia Rio Haryanto was still time to yourself to promote Bali as the best tourist area of ‚Äč‚ÄčIndonesia.

The sale Rio recorded during the interview session with one of the foreign media ahead of the GP of Russia, Friday (29/4) local time.

Interview session that was held on the sidelines breakfast in Sochi, Rio chatting with Sky Sports journalist, Rachel Brookers. The interview lasted for 15 minutes 30 seconds, and then uploaded to the Facebook page, Sky Sport F1.

One of the questions posed Brookers, namely concerning the activities carried out when the rider 23-year spending free time when being in the country.

"I like water sports. I love playing jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, "said Rio.

Rio also revealed, in Indonesia there are many nice places, especially scuba diving. In an interview broadcast streaming that has witnessed more than 10 thousand, Brookers asks Rio to provide recommendations if he would come to Indonesia after Singapore GP or GP Malaysia.

"Of course. We can go to Bali, "urged Rio while giving the final answer in the interview session.

Translated by : adhe