, Jakarta - Do not know the age of the hobby, that's a figure of speech that is usually used by the community of car enthusiasts tamiya. Because the toy car fan community is favored all walks of life ranging from children, adolescents, adults, and elderly.

Not only men, women were not to be outdone in matters of race racing car racing.

The picture is recorded clearly in Tamiya event held at the Mall Season City, Jelambar, West Jakarta. Thursday (5/5). Evident and thousands of fans around tamiya from various regions gathered and skill performance car tamiya assemblies respectively.

One fan Tamiya, Amir (39), which comes from the Region of North Sumatra Padang, willing to fly by plane, in order to follow the race tamiya,

According to Amir, he is already preparing to mature, completeness and the performance of his tamiya cars that will participate in the event the car tamiya held by one of the online media

"I've been preparing for readiness and completeness moments ahead of the race, I had to fly by plane from the fields mas, in order to follow this race." Amir said to, in, Thursday (5/5).

Amir said he was not himself come to Jakarta, Amir said she had come with his wife and two children, is also a car enthusiast tamiya and also participated in the race.

Furthermore, Amir and his family, have very long been a fan of Tamiya, Amir Claiming he has affected his wife so fond of his hobby as well.

"It's been a very long time before marriage, when my marriage" poisoned "with the main tamiya wife, he finally joined bandwagon as well," joked Amir while indulgence laughter.

The same thing was said Ayu (28), women living in Tanah Abang is pleased their tamiya racing events already scarce held. Ayu admitted fond of racing cars Tamiya, since the bench School (SMP) when he was often invited by his father who was also a fan of Tamiya.

"My father deceased used to be very happy playing tamiya every event where I was always invited, until I became contaminated hehe, if playing tamiya I remember with fond memories with my father," recalls Ayu.

Translated by : adhe