, London - Shocking news came from the British empire. Prince Charles was photographed kissing a young man who was wearing a purple in deserted road in the City of London. Suddenly, the news of Prince Charles was gay rocked royal Buckhingham, England.

And strangely, his wife Camilla did not wonder or shock over her husband's behavior. Camilla, the second wife of Prince Charles showed the attitude that she was not surprised at all by what the prince doing. Apparently Camilla already knew that the prince suffered from homosexual since attending school.

As proclaimed by Globe Magazine, Camilla said she knew three beloved prince while in school. They were a male friends at boarding school Gordonstoun, polo players also farm laborers on his farm.

The former husband of Princess Diana was rumored several times to have a sexual disorder. Proven since he had been abandoned by Princess Diana in a car accident, Prince Charles was known rarely intersect about romance with another woman.

Even when Princess Diana was still alive, Prince Charles was rumored as a gay after rumors he had sex with one male staff royal aides. One witness named George Smith, by chance to be there and admitted seeing the embarrassing incident.

He recorded and taped the actions of Prince Charles was and then sent to Princess Diana. Unfortunately, the incident was sealed by the royalty that Prince Charles a gay issue was still mazy.

The presence of sexual deviance within Prince Charles made Queen Elizabeth prefer to give directly the throne to Prince William who was the eldest son of Prince Charles a result of his marriage to Princess Diana.

The queen's favorite grandson, Prince William was reportedly going to be the heirs of Queen Elizabeth. It meant that Prince Charles hopes to be the king has ended.


Translated by : hafid