, Jakarta - Vice Chairman of the Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals Association (ICMI) Priyo Budi Santoso assessed terrorism had become the most frightening specter for the people of Indonesia.

"We've become a place of terror such as in Bali and recently in the protocol roads in Sarinah-Thamrin," he said during a public hearing (RDPU) with the Committee on Terrorism Bill in the House of Representatives on Tuesday (31/5).

ICMI urged the Representatives (DPR) would soon ratify the Revised Law (Draft) Number 15 Year 2003 concerning the Crime of Terrorism.

"It must be ratified quickly, Parliament should immediately synchronize the discussion in chapters that already exist," he said.

Member of special committee of  Terrorism draft law of the United Development Party (FPPP) Asrul Sani invited all members of the committee and the public to scrutinize more powers contained in the Terrorism Act, as punishment and law enforcement powers, it would require a special supervisory agency.

"In England, there are supervising institutions which oversees how detachment works there, besides that there are non-governmental organizations that work to accommodate complaints against British detachment work," he explained.

Translated by : hafid