, Banten - Suddenly number of employers headed an official car of Banten Governor Rano Karno parked in front of the building Bappeda Banten province, on Tuesday (31/5).

These entrepreneurs hold the official car of the governor as a form of disappointment with the promise of Provincial Government (Pemprov) Banten, yet also to pay packet 774 projects in the Department of Water Resources and Resettlement (DSDAP) Banten with a value of Rp120 billion.

Dissapointed employers assessed Banten Governor Rano Karno had lied to the public. Because, in the agreement signed by Rano, payment on these MCK employers should be held on Monday (30/5). However, until today the administration did not provide clarity related to it.

"If this is how, it means public deception. The governor indirectly lied to us, whereas the agreement in black and white about the payment should be on May 30. But the evidence, it is not paid. We do not believe anymore if it is like this, "retorted Iyus Mahrus one of the representatives of employers quoted from Banten Hits, on Tuesday (31/5).

Iyus said, it was forced to hold Rano official car to be able to meet directly with the number one person in the Banten province and demand promises contained in the agreement.

"We're not going to go before meeting Pak Rano, we want to collect promises that will be paid on the May 30th," he said.

Translated by : hafid