, Jawa Timur - Hot mudspurt in Gunung Puru hillside area, Dusun Keramat, Desa Jari, Kecamatan Gondang Kabupaten Bojonegoro, Jawa Timur, currently continued, Tuesday (31/5). Even the spurt spot expanded.

Head of Sudy Field and Environmental Agency Laboratorary of Bojonegoro Agus Susanto explained, based on monitoring result, a spot of spurt was able to release more than 2 litres of mud mixed water every second.

Whereas before, the maximum was inly a litre per second. It could cause landslide around the location.

The local officer of Energy and Mineral Resource had installed warning board for visitors to beware and not to approach the spot.

Besides landslide, the air which released from mudspurt also contained dangerous gas, such as H2S, CO2, and SO2.

In order  not to overflow to rice field, hot mudspurt with water mixed was made the duct and streamed to Sungai Keramatan. As a result, the water which the first was clear currently became muddy. Besides, the water was used to irrigate by farmers in several villages in Kecamatan Gondang.

Head of Desa Jari Srihanto explained that mudspurt appeared since April 7th. Before it appeared, residents often felt the vibration or small earthquake.

Meanwhile, geology and tectonic expert Jatmika Setiawan said, the mudspurt in Bojonegoro was predicted would occur for rainy season, because it was located in shallow area. And if dry season, it only released gas.

Translated by : hafid