, Jakarta - Metro Jaya Police Chief Inspector General Moechgiyarto asked community organizations and the public to maintain order during the month of Ramadan.

"Let's coordinate and don't lie between us," said Moechgiyarto when rolling out the relationship between the Metro Jaya police chief along with managers of the tourism industry and leader of public organizations, Jakarta, Tuesday (31/5).

Therefore, the two-star general emphasized, Polda Metro Jaya will try our best to coordinate with all parties. He asked all the officers under him, whether it was police chief until sector police to be aware of deviant behavior in this Ramadan.

"Such as alcohol, drunk, even in the Holy month of Ramadan, but this behavior is still ongoing," he said.

Additionally, Moechgiyarto asked all staff to anticipate societal ills such as brawling citizens, illegal racing, gambling and other social ills that could disrupt public order. According to him, the police had mapped out a number of disease-prone areas of the community.

"This we have to map out which areas are already many events happening at the previous. I told the police chief to anticipate, and visit the main figures," he concluded.


Translated by : hafid