- The Directorate General of Immigration holds Australian BBC citizen journalist passport Rebecca Alice Henschke, spokesperson for TNI aid for malnourished children in Papua just in the form of instant noodles and biscuits through her personal Twitter account. The detention of passports was followed by the expulsion of Rebecca from Asmat, Papua and Indonesia.

"Immigration action carried out is to hold the passport concerned until the inspection process is done, then coordination will be done with the sponsor who brought the foreigner," said Head of Public Relations and General Directorate General of Immigration, Agung Sampurno, through his written statement on Saturday (3/2 / 2018).

Previously reported, Rebecca called the assistance provided by the Indonesian government for malnourished children in Papua only in the form of instant noodles, soft drinks, and biscuits. Even the BBC journalist from Australia mentioned that the food and clothing brought (by the Health Task Force of TNI KLB Asmat) using a boat or speedboat is not an aid, but merchandise.

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That is, Rebecca tried to spread to the world wide, that the handling of malnutrition in Asmat, Papua, is a lie alone. And it was Rebecca's lie that was trying to cram into the world's population as Papuan infrastructure development was fixed and ahead of Freeport's divestment.

It was alleged that the BBC's actions were in response to a TNI raid on separatist armed groups of the Free Papua Organization (OPM) a month ago to release hundreds of innocent people who were victims of hostage-taking.

And this is very insulting to the state, especially the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) who work hard day and night in Asmat, Papua, to make sure everything is fulfilled for the people there.

Defamation of BBC journalists is straightened by Kapendam XVII / Cenderawasih, Lieutenant Colonel (Inf) M Aidi. According to Aidi, a photo taken by Rebecca is a merchandise that happens to be on the dock.

He did not take a photo of a food aid package, rice, medicines, clothing, and medical personnel of the TNI Asmat Papua Military Satgaskes who had been serving the community for the past month.

"His writing on Twitter was not in line with reality, he also wrote that children with malnutrition are only given chocolate biscuits," Aidi told reporters on Friday (2/2/2018).

Meanwhile, Chief of Staff of the President (KSP) General (Ret.) Moeldoko has also received a libel report from the Australian BBC journalist.

"There are things to send and he makes his own perception when it's a person's merchandise, do not directly interpret the picture, because the dock is a public harbor there.He does not understand what's going on but has a lot to say, so, once landing, Rebecca is brought to immigration for questioning, "Moeldoko said.

It seems that, with the movements that these past weeks have been emerging, Australia wants to repeat what it did to East Timor a dozen years ago.

Translated by : hafid