Rebecca's lie about Asmat Papua is the responsibility of the BBC

Rebecca's lie about Asmat Papua is the responsibility of the BBC
Australian BBC journalist Rebecca Alice Henschke while in Asmat District, Papua, Indonesia (Photo by courtesy).
Reporter : Miechell
Translated by : hafid, Jakarta - The Directorate General of Immigration holds the Australian BBC journalist's passport Rebecca Alice Henschke, the spreader of slander against TNI aid for malnourished children in Papua only in the form of instant noodles and biscuits through his personal Twitter account. The detention of passports was followed by the expulsion of Rebecca from Asmat, Papua and Indonesia.

The arrest of passport and expulsion of Rebecca was confirmed by the Head of Public Relations and General Directorate General of Immigration, Agung Sampurno, through his written statement on Saturday (3/2/2018).

Agung said Timika's Immigration Team along with Foreign Stranger Monitoring Team (PORA) continues to monitor the progress of Rebecca's false news spread.

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According to him, what a journalist in Rebecca's class, let alone working in a foreign media as big as the BBC, is a very heinous form of humiliation against humanity with a certain purpose and purpose.

Rebecca also disrespects and obeys the prevailing laws and regulations in Indonesia.

"Actions BBC journalist Australian citizen Rebecca Alice Henschke disrespect and obey the prevailing laws and regulations," said Agung.

"May be a learning for other foreigners so that when living and residing in the territory of Indonesia, must respect the applicable national legislation," he continued.

Rebecca's lie in his personal Twitter account, which then spread to cyberspace, has the potential to create a negative perception of the government. In fact, the Indonesian government, without the need of a foreign journalist from the BBC, has done the development and structuring of the territory of Papua, which by the previous government abandoned.

In the case of malnutrition in Asmat, Papua, the government in this case the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) has worked very hard in the form of humanitarian assistance from the treatment, to the daily provision of food to deal with extraordinary events there.

"Rebecca's writing on his personal account not only offends the government, but also the people of Indonesia who have witnessed the progress of development in the region of Papua, and injure the profession of journalists who must be balanced in the news based on existing facts," said Agung.

Agung said the activities of every foreigner are supervised by PORA Team consisting of various agencies outside of immigration, including security. This oversight is common in all countries and is part of the government's function of safeguarding sovereignty.

"The existence of Rebecca in Indonesia in order to carry out journalistic tasks from the BBC news agency so that his actions are also the responsibility of the sponsor who brought it," said Agung.

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