, Cirebon - Investment is one of the indicators of economic drivers. The large number of existing investments in a region will increase working capital for employers (including job opening) and for governments (in terms of state revenues) to support better economic development.

The realization of National Investment for the period of January-December 2017 was Rp 692.8 trillion, an increase of 13.1 percent from the previous year at Rp 612.8 trillion.

According to the data of the Investment Coordinating Board, by region, Java ranks first for the highest investment area, which is Rp 389.9 trillion compared to other regions in Indonesia.

Ciayumajakuning Investment Challenge

Ciayumajakuning is a name abbreviation consisting of the name of one City and four districts, namely Cirebon City, Cirebon Regency, Indramayu Regency, Majalengka Regency and Kuningan Regency.

The five are unified into an economic power area in West Java Province, capable of supporting the development of the region with its various potentials.

Potential Ciayumajakuning ranging from agriculture, fisheries, transportation, tourism and so forth, into its own advantages. However, these potentials will not develop and benefit if there is one region that is unable to develop its potential.

In connection with this, in an effort to develop the regional economy in its working area, the Bank Indonesia Cirebon Representative Office conducts Investment Development Forum in Ciayumajakuning Area by inviting resource persons from the Investment Coordinating Board of KP Jakarta to handle investment in West Java, in this case delivered by Abdul Qodir.

Bank Indonesia Head of Cirebon M Abdul Majid Ikram confirms that each district / city must be able to develop its potential, introduce its regional products through the careful look at opportunities such as the IMF-World Bank Meeting 2018 in Nusa Dua, Bali.

"Regencies / cities should be able to develop the existing potential and promote outside the region to attract investors," said Majid.

Through such international events, the region should be able to introduce its products to attract investment. Through an investment development forum attended by about 40 invited representatives from SKPD of investment in Ciayumajakuning area.

Presented by resource persons, Investment value both local and foreign in Ciayumajakuning area has increased.

Ciayumajakuning Area Investment Rises

Such a significant increase in investment could be a positive signal for Investors (both foreign and local) to invest, particularly in the Ciayumajakuning area.

Increasing the value of the investment is expected along with the efforts of Local Government to improve the quality of both Human Resources (SDM) and existing infrastructure, downstream of quality products such as community creative industries should also be developed in Ciayumajakuning area.

"Obviously, the existing investment opportunities will be accompanied by challenges that must be prepared so as not to hinder the investment process in Ciayumajakuning," said Majid.

The problem of business licensing must get a solution, business permit must be more optimal and fast, land procurement for industrial investment must be clear and promising, labor problems in terms of human resource quality should be the focus, as well as some other problems need to get a solution.

Every Local Government in the Ciayumajakuning region needs to coordinate and establish a shared commitment to continue to support investment facilities and infrastructure to make it easier, faster and ensure the security of all parties.

(Edited by : Miechell)

Translated by : adhe