, Jakarta - Paramore Tour Four, ICE-BSD, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia, officially postponed for a while. The ticket sales organizer has sent an email to all the fans who already hold the ticket regarding the delay.

In the email mentioned, the concert scheduled for Friday (16/2/2018) should be delayed due to the health condition of vocalist Hayley Williams is not possible to perform in concert. Hayley's health suddenly dropped dramatically when he arrived in Jakarta, so doctors advised him to postpone his appearance in the next few days.

The postponement of the concert in Indonesia also impacted Paramore's concert schedule in Manila, Philippines, as one of the series of distant Asian tour groups from the United States.

Through email, CEO of BookMyShow Indonesia Sudhir Syal extend a deep apology to all Paramore fans in Indonesia, especially those who are now gathered to meet the concert venue.

As part of the company's commitment, Sudhir said it would follow the rescheduling of the concert to keep the public's trust given earlier.

"However, for those who choose refunds, we will make sure that your tickets are refunded in the shortest time possible.we understand your disappointment but we will keep in touch with the promoters about this situation and will contact you," Sudhir wrote in an email on Friday ( 16/2/2018).

Paramore Fans Filled the Concert Locations

Paramore fans in Indonesia have packed every side of ICE-BSD venue, Tangerang, an alternative group concert venue from the United States planned to perform on Friday (16/2/2018) night, at around 20:00 pm.

Thousands of fans consisting of young children of Jakarta and Tangerang, faithfully waited for the opening of the gate venue by the committee at 16.00 WIB.

A Paramore fan from South Jakarta, Choki, has been holding the ticket and was at the location with dozens of his colleagues since noon. And an email notices that Hayley Williams was sick to delay a concert in Indonesia instantly made her face somber.

Choki and all the fanatical fans of Paramore look sad. Not because of the thought of the ticket money, but lost the opportunity to watch their favorite group.

"It's a pity that Paramore's concert is canceled, but there is a refund, but for us it is not just money that is a problem, the opportunity does not come twice to watch Paramore performance in Indonesia," Choki said on Friday (16/2/2018).

Meanwhile, Wenda from West Jakarta also expressed his disappointment. However, the teenage girl just mentioned disappointed not to be able to watch his idol, Hayley Williams could not perform today in Indonesia.

"I believe there is a refund, but that's not the biggest problem, I'm so disappointed I can not watch Hayley directly, hopefully heal Hayley," Wenda said.

Based on on-site monitoring, fans are gradually leaving the concert venue in ICE-BSD.

Translated by : hafid