, Jakarta - 51 years ago, precisely February 20, 1967, the City of Seattle, Aberdeen, a state in the United States, witnesses the birth of a small child who later in the course of his life transformed into the most talented and famous musicians around the world in the era 90s.

He is Kurt Donald Cobain or known by Kurt Cobain, the figure of singer, songwriter and guitarist Nirvana, a Seattle-based grunge group.

Nirvana's success brought Cobain into a national and international celebrity, a position he weighed heavily on.

At that time, the rise of Cobain's most famous song, 'Smells Like Teen Spirit', marked a major change of world music. Of the popular music types since the 1980s such as glam metal, rock arena, and dance-pop, evolved into grunge and alternative rock.

Through Nirvana's "Nevermind" and Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" singles, Cobain tried to answer the youth's desire through the songs that then indirectly managed to 'transform' Cobain as an X-Generation spokesperson.

Through great works, Cobain speaks out loud about all the things that young people experience all over the world. The X-Generation, a life-cycle of young people full of dynamism and perseverance of aspirations, dreams and desires. Cobain understood that.

Finally, Nirvana's works were accepted and loved by young people at the time. Nirvana's stamina raced like an unstoppable meteor. Nirvana perched on top of Billboard 200 chat as well as shifting the album "Dangerous" owned by Michael Jackson.

In the golden age, it turns Cobain into darkness, one of which is depression, and makes it close to drugs or narcotics.

From the record in some of their concerts, Cobain had experienced an over dose and was rushed to the hospital to be rescued.

Until finally, Cobain's life adventure ended on April 5, 1994, when he was found dead at his residence with a gun. Until now, Cobain's tragic death is still a mystery of the world. Was he killed? Or suicide?

However, until now, the songs created with Cobain Nirvana still loved teenagers in all parts of the world. Even in Indonesia, Nirvana songs remain inherent in the hearts of loyal fans across generations.

Even to this day, Nirvana still bears the title as one of the world's best bands and also influenced several bands in the development of modern music era.

Is it really going to appear Nirvana and new Cobain? The X-Generation is always waiting for the reincarnation of their hero.

Translated by : adhe