, Jakarta - US military appeal to the Indonesian National Army (TNI), precisely for the Special Forces Command or Kopassus for joint exercises, indicates that there has been a positive advance on the relationship between the previously divided Indonesian and American military.

The head of the Office of the Presidential Staff, Moeldoko, said the US side no longer alludes to allegations of international non-governmental organizations and others for alleged human rights violations by Kopassus during Operation 'Seroja' in East Timor, May 1998 Riot, and others.

"The relationship has improved, I think the alleged human rights violations are not an accurate issue ... Yesterday the US ambassador has spoken directly," Moeldoko told reporters at the Presidential Palace Complex, Jakarta, Tuesday (20/2/2018).

Moeldoko has just received a visit from the United States Ambassador to Indonesia, Joseph Donovan, yesterday. During the meeting, Donovan said his country is now reopening military training policy with Kopassus.

As a first step, joint exercises will be conducted between the American military and Detachment 81 Antiterror Kopassus.

Kopassus as an elite unit of the TNI has an above average ability to overcome extraordinary things. The US considers Kopassus's expertise to be critical to maintaining the stability of the Asia-Pacific region.

 "So if Southeast Asia needs Kopassus, it will be very effective, so with the opening of this excellent relationship, the situation will be good for both sides (Indonesia-US) and regionally (Southeast Asia)," Moeldoko said.

The former TNI Commander also explained that military cooperation offered by the US is not limited to Kopassus alone, but also with other units. In other words, cooperation will be done with the TNI as a whole. It's just as the beginning, opened with Kopassus.

"It's been going pretty well, we've got some material with America, both for the Navy, the Land, the Air and even the Police," he said.

As to when the joint exercise could be held, Moeldoko handed over to TNI and Pentagon Headquarters.

Translated by : hafid