, Jakarta - Good news, surprising, as well as proud for lovers of Indonesian football. The future players of the National Team (Tim Garuda), playmaker and captain of the U-19 national team, Egy Maulana Vikri (17) soon signed a contract with one of the major Polish Premier League football club Legia Warsaw.

Reportedly, Egy Maulana just finished the final process of completion of the contract only. After that, the horse-powered smart player immediately flew to Warsaw, Poland.

Former Indonesian National Team Coach U-19, Indra Syafri is the one who discovered the hidden talent of Egy since the teenager, as well as the first person who confirmed to journalists in Indonesia that Egy Maulana Vikri immediately signed a contract with the european club.

"It's history for Indonesian soccer world," said Indra Sjafri when giving coaching clinic to hundreds of elementary and junior high school students in Bukittinggi City, West Sumatera, Indonesia, Friday (23 / 2/2018).

Although already widely circulated in the mass media that Egy Maulana will be contracted by Polish strong club, Legia Warsaw, but when asked reporters, Indra still do not want to mention what the name of the club where Egy anchored for the first time in Europe.

Indra only revealed that in the contract later, Egy's salary is 13 billion rupiah per year, or equivalent to 1 billion rupiah each month. A pretty decent value for young players who landed in Polish championship club Legia Warsaw.

As reported by CNN, previously, Legia Warsaw already has young talent Ondrej Duda from Slovenia, but sold to the German club Hertha Berlin in 2016.

Currently, Legia also has Hungarian attacking midfielder, Dominik Nagy. However, later the appearance of Nagy is considered not in accordance with the expectations of coach Romeo Jozak.

The entry of Legia Warsaw in the competition to get Egy Maulana is shortly after the French Ligue 1 club, Saint-Etienne approached Egy. Even Egy's name has been widely preached French media, as it is considered and believed to have a good chance to join Saint-Etienne.

Not only Legia and Saint-Etienne are associated with Egy Maulana. The 17-year-old horsepower winger was previously in demand for Portugal's top two clubs, Benfica and Sporting Lisbon. Plus two Spanish clubs, Getafe and Espanyol.

Legia Warsaw is the most successful club in Poland which collects 12 Polish League titles or Ekstraklasa. Legia is also a club that often appear in European club competitions such as Champions League and Europa League.

Currently, there are two big names of European football from Poland who have grazed at Legia Warsaw, Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski and former Arsenal goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski.

Meanwhile, Egy Maulana previously claimed to have undergone tests with Saint-Etienne, January 2018. In that test, Egy scored two goals that are quite surprising.

Young teenagers mainstay of the U-19 National Team Indonesia was hoping Saint-Etienne can give assurance as soon as possible within two months.

But with so much news about the signing of a contract between Egy and Legia, it looks like Saint-Etienne will bite a finger.

Finally, Indra Syafri again said, if indeed Egy had gone to Poland, this is history where football will become a proud profession in Indonesia.

With a salary of Rp 1 billion per month, then playing in the European league, as a 17-year-old young player, if Egy can look fabulous in the legia, he has a chance to feel the hardness of European Champions League competition with Legia Warsaw.

And it is a rare opportunity that can not be obtained indigenous Indonesian players.

On the other hand, Egy Maulana chose not to talk about salary or anything if she has a chance to play in Europe, especially Legia Warsaw.

"I have a big dream (being a great footballer)," said Egy Maulana.

And is Lega Warsaw the place to realize that dream? Just wait.

Egy Maulana gold record as a young player, scored a hattrick within 7 minutes against the East Timor teams. Note Egy was able to beat his own idol hattrick record, Barcelona midfielder Leo Messi in 12 minutes when he met Rayo Vallecano on March 8, 2015. And also beat Real Madrid's attacking midfielder Cristiano Ronaldo by scoring a hattrick in 8 minutes against Granada on 5 April 2015.

Translated by : MK Binyo