Fullerton, Singapore - In the 15th Asean Forum of Defense Forces Informal Meeting (ACDFIM) in Fullerton Singapore, TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto said, in the past few years, the world experienced a variety acts of global terrorism attacks are very massive, especially those committed by ISIS and all its affiliates.

All the acts of terror that occurred in the Middle East, Africa, America and Europe, and Asia Pacific regions, show that no region or country anywhere in the world is completely safe from terrorist attacks.

"The phenomenon of this threat is of course a serious concern, because it not only affects the sovereignty and stability of national security of each country, but also affects the maintenance of peace constellation and security stability in Southeast Asia Region," said Hadi at Fullerton, Singapore, Thursday (8/3/2018).

TNI Commander also added that in order to maintain and realize peace and security stability in the ASEAN region from the danger of terrorism, strong cooperation is required in building sustainable resilience of the region. Because terrorism is a dynamic and adaptive threat to the development of the environment and the progress or change of the times.

"The steps and actions taken must be a dynamic and consistent unity of efforts within the framework of a multilateral strategic partnership based on the spirit of ASEAN, namely mutual trust and mutual respect," he said.

What the TNI Commander intends is strengthening sub-regional cooperation that includes joint military exercises, enhanced cooperation among ASEAN cyber militaries, and increased cooperation among military health centers, where everything can be done together.

Meanwhile, Commander of the armed forces of Singapore, General Perry Lim said, the effort to deal with terrorist groups is also done in the field of social media that much used as a tool of propaganda terrorism today. In addition, it is not less important to approach the community by understanding the wisdom of each country's liquefiedness in ASEAN.

Lim also conveyed the need for high vigilance against the use of chemicals, biology and active radio (CBR) by terrorist groups believed to have adopted sophisticated technology in action, using drones and the internet for biological weapons wars.

Translated by : MK Binyo