, Sydney - The 25th Indonesia-Australia Special Operation Force (SOF) seminar for 25 years of cooperation between Indonesian and Australian special forces was initiated by Special Operation Force Command (SOCOMD), with the support of the Australian Defense Force (ADF), took place in Holsworthy, Sydney, Australia.

The delegation of Australian special forces was represented by a Special Operation Head Quarter (SOHQ) officer led by Brigadier General John Gould consisting of Special Air Service Regiment (SASR), Special Operation Engineering Regiment (SOER) and 2nd Comand Regiment (2ndCO), and presenting academic speakers Dr. Garth Pattern, a historian of military cooperation from the Australian National University.

From Indonesia, represented by 8 Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) officers from Kopassus Special Forces (Kopassus) TNI AD, Detachment Jalamangkara (Denjaka) TNI AL and Bravo 90 Task Force (Paskhas) TNI AU led by Pabandya-2 / Orgops Paban II / Orstra Sops TNI, Lieutenant Colonel Musthofa.

In this talk, achieved synchronization and data authentication and the fact of the implementation of cooperation for 25 years.

As a complement, the data will be printed into a comic book (comemorate books) of 500 copies in 2 versions, namely English and Indonesian.

The book will be shared during a practice with Darwin Komodo between Indonesian special forces and Australian special forces in July 2018 in Indonesia.

The seminar was held to increase military cooperation between the special forces of both countries, in addition to improving the regional defense readiness in facing the growing dynamics of threats, especially in the case of anti-terrorism.

Darwin Komodo 2018

Darwin Komodo July 2018, will involve all special forces units from Indonesia and Australia. Scenarios have been pre-designed, from land, sea and air combat, to the scale of operations commonly performed by special forces, moving in small groups.

A number of advanced weapons used by Indonesian and Australian special forces will be widely used in Darwin Komodo in July 2018. There is a possibility one of them is a Kopassus sniper rifle, the production of PT Pindad Indonesia, SPR-2 which managed to astonish the International military because it can penetrate armored vehicles or a battle tanks.

Translated by : MK Binyo