, Pekanbaru - After making mischief and disturbing the public in Pekanbaru, Riau, City Police officers staged a raid against a group of participants Congress of Islamic Students Association (HMI) from Makassar.

The combined raids amounted to 400 personnel involved TNI members. Results raid surprisingly enough, a variety of weapons recovered from the hands of students.

"There sickles, knives, and arrows," said Chief of Police Pekanbaru, Commissioner of Police Aries Syarif Hidayat, Monday (23/11).

Even in the raid, police also found the participants who brought a homemade firearm. Including the plastic bag of methamphetamine, and playing cards are usually played to gamble.

In addition, police also found bottles containing suspected poison, for darts. But police still put forward the principle of presumption of innocence and will carry out checks in advance.

Weapons and various items of evidence have been confiscated by the police. Some members HMI or the congress participants were detained.

Translated by : adhe